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Chaticom Limited’s market approach allows us to provide services including consulting & customized solutions, for a wide spectrum of applications thorough knowledge and applying business acumen.

Infrastructure Solutions / Physical Layer / Data & Voice Cabling. Physical Layer/ Data & Voice CablingTechnology: Fiber (Multi-mode / Single Mode, Cat-5,Cat-5 Enhanced, Cat-6 and 6A.Product: AVAYA: SYSTIMAX® BICC: Bran-Rex, Siemon.  

Technology: Leased Circuit, Frame Relay, ISDN,ATM, X.25, X-DSL Wireless Networks.Technology: Cisco, AVAYA, 3Com.

Technology: Gigabit Ethernet, Fast Ethernet,Ethernet, ATM Wireless Networks, Layer-2, 3, 4, & 7.Product: Cisco Systems, AVAYA, Millenium, 3Com.

Technology: View and Review before Invest and Deploy. Product: Tripp Lite AVR products, Sollatek AVR products.

Technology: Site survey to ensure correct load sizing and fixed cabling requirements. Product: Tripp Lite Scalable UPS products, APC scalable UPS Products.

Technology: Site survey to ensure correct load sizing and fixed cabling requirements Product: Tripp Lite products, APC UPS products, Simulation, testing facilities and expertise.

Technology: Plan total roll-out Product: Work on project prototype in live environments. Best practices determined and documented for subsequent implementations.

Technology: View and Review before Invest and Deploy. Product: Simulation, testing facilities and expertise.

Technology: People, Process & Product optimization to enhance business productivity. Product: Service Management Consulting, Microsoft Consulting, Enterprise Integration, Consulting.

Technology: Managed Security Services, Penetration testing, Anti Hacking, Anti Money Laundering, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Secure protection, Verification & rotation of computer backup media. Product: Cisco, Data Fort, ISP e-Hosting.

Technology: Virus management, Content management, Risk management, Web application security, Application access control, Strong Authentication. Product: Cisco, Symantec, Consul, 3Com.

Technology: Vulnerability assessment Product: Cisco

Technology: Firewalls and VPN Intrusion detectionProduct: Cisco, Symantec.

Technology: Policy Based Bandwidth shapingProduct: Cisco, AVAYA.

Technology: Bandwidth management,High Performance Proxy-Server, Policy BasedBandwidth shaping.Product: HP, Cisco, AVAYA.

Technology: Dealer Board, Command and Control,Voice Recording PABX, Key Telephone Systems,Hybrid Telephone Systems, Call CentersProduct: Cisco, AVAYA, Microsoft, Dictaphone,Skype.

Technology: VoIP (Voice over IP), Computer TelephonyIntegration, Interactive Voice Recognition.Product: Cisco, AVAYA, Microsoft, Dictaphone, Skype.

 Expertise to meet the demands of sophisticated commercial environments.

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